Honey and Cinnamon Benefits

Honey and cinnamon benefits are proclaimed quite a bit over the internet in health columns and blogs as being a home remedy cure for many ailments. Remedies for hair loss, weight loss, bad breath, and acne to name a few, definitely peek the curiosity of self conscious sufferers.

If something as simple as honey and cinnamon combined together can greatly benefit a person suffering from these ailments, then you can bet people will be at least curious to try it.

honey and cinnamon benefits

Honey has long been used as a health aid. Honey by nature is a antibacterial and antimicrobial. Hydrogen Peroxide is naturally produced by the enzymes contained in honey. This makes honey good for medicinal purposes.

Cinnamon comes from a small tree that grows in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, and Egypt. In traditional Chinese medicine, cinnamon has been used for ailments from the common cold to painful menstrual periods. Lab studies have proven that it may have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

When cinnamon is mixed with honey, they both combine as a very powerful medicinal serum to remedy even the common cold.

Ailments that honey and cinnamon benefits:

  1. Arthritis
  2. Hair Loss
  3. Bladder Infections
  4. Toothaches
  5. Cholesterol
  6. Colds
  7. Infertility
  8. Stomach ache
  9. Heart Disease
  10. Immune system
  11. Indigestion
  12. Influenza
  13. Longevity
  14. Acne
  15. Skin infections
  16. Weight loss
  17. Cancer
  18. Fatigue
  19. Bad breath
  20. Hearing loss

Gaining the maximum honey and cinnamon benefits

To gain the maximum honey and cinnamon benefits, it is highly recommended by natural health professionals to use raw organic honey and pure cinnamon.

First of all raw organic honey comes straight from the honey comb and into a jar without any heating process or filtering. Heat destroys the goodness in honey, and filtering strains out the propolis and other goodness which is all part of the medicinal effect of honey.

Second, cinnamon comes from a few different varieties. Cinnamon sold in grocery stores is of the less expensive variety called cassia and contains a compound called coumarin. In high dosages, coumarin can damage the liver and thin out your blood. People with bleeding disorders should not take the cassia variety of cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon is recommended and can be found in specialty stores. Ceylon is known as true cinnamon and is of a higher quality.

You can click on each of the listed ailments above to get further information and the proper recipe used to make your own home remedy. Feel free to comment to let everyone know how the remedies of honey and cinnamon benefits have healed you.

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4 Responses to “Honey and Cinnamon Benefits”

  1. K Paula says:

    Honey is great! I just got over a cold very quickly, recently, after eating honey and waffles for breakfast. Whether or not the honey was the primary healing source for my cold, I had nothing to lose. It actually tasted great, and worked just fine as a substitute for syrup.

  2. Chantal M says:

    Says we can click on each of the listed ailments to get further info and proper recipe for home remedies, but there’s no clickable link from the ailments. I’d love to get more info, if I can. Can this be fixed?

  3. Ensha and Rocco says:

    Honey is really good!!! I have seen it help my niece get over a severe respiratory problem, and so with my son every time he has a cough! I serve my son 1 tablespoon a day in replacement of over the counter vitamins. I do take the same amount too! Honey is God’s gift to mankind 🙂

  4. Todd says:

    My cat died last night- I put some honey on his lips and now he is ALIVE! It’s a miracle.

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